March 7, 2007

Yeagley proclaims ‘Christians’ are ‘toilets’

from the Bad Eagle Journal

First, Waffles starts by proclaiming the world is “white” and “Christian” which is kin to proclaiming it flat. Second, he declares a secure world. But the world is far from secure, and Cheney, along with the Bush crime family is a large reason for the insecurity. But what we find most telling from Idiot Eagle is his positive comparison of the so-called Aryan greatness by denoting a toilet. Yes, you read this right, to Mr. Civil Whites, the Christian population of the world is a commode:

David Yeagley — “Who rules the world? ... White men... Christian men... European white. Judeo-Christian, "Bible" white. This throne, in this world, will not change. It is secure. White man will not be de-throned. The position is permanent... it's still the Great White Throne” (DY, Mar. 7, 2007)

The piano doctor continues by declaring all the hatred and mistrust in the government is the result of American Indians. Yes, again you read this correctly, American Indians are the cause célèbre for governmental mistrust, hatred and probably responsible for the rampant Republican cronyism too, I’m sure. Know what I think? I think your piano is waaaaaay outta tune with reality, Mr. Fakeriot Act.
David Yeagley — “But I propose the idea of guilt... American Indian guilt... American Indians are responsible for whatever misanthropy exists in the United States government... The throne is white. The whites built it, and anyone who tries to deceive the races into thinking that throne belongs to all people is a psychological criminal, a moral thief, and an ideological terrorist” (DY, Mar. 7, 2007)

Essentially, you are calling anyone who disagrees with your little 'whiteness' hissy-fit, an immoral terrorist? Who is it that is throwing the hissy-fit Tepee Tom? Not us, the real Indians. Who’s the one spewing forth his little 'political correctness' campaign about white power? Why, it’s Mr. Spleen Jeans himself, David Yeagley. The great Bumbanshee Warrior rides again, righting America’s wrongs as only he can. Well "all-whitey-then," I guess the rest of the (mostly non-white) world will just have to bow down and "Sieg Heil!" It’s probably a good thing that Christians are toilets, so we have somewhere to blow chucks after getting a rhetorical eyeful of Mr. Full Loon Rising. Well, what ever could we expect from David Yeagley after all; his thoughts come from the white dominionist latrine anyway. They are simply seeping onto his web pages again — so let's all spew and salute — "Sieg Heil!"

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