March 1, 2007

Yeagley: The Error of a Racist

from the Bad Eagle Journal

David Yeagley — "It is quite clear that the mullahs in Tehran, and their chosen representative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, all share a genetic intuition of ruling the world” (DY, Mar. 1, 2007)

From the above pontification, it would seem little david has the power to not only interpret the intuition of others but of entire races of people. Make no mistake, the allusion to psychobabble above is the sheer veneer of racism, claiming the superiority of the whites over the darker races. But those unjustified notions of white superiority are not easily expressed anymore in blatant racial terms; lynching is no longer possible for white supremacists so they have taken to analyzing the inferior or immoral motivations that plague the darker races. Racism lives on in dominionist psychobabble to interpret motives, and preserve the power position of the white races.

But the truth rests in other areas of thought, justice for example. The white supremacist fanaticism to find the immoral motivations of other races is merely a theme-and-variations on the older lynching mentality of racism, but designed to keep whites in power. What a white dominionist does not reveal however is that no other avenues are being investigated, such as how climates of injustice maintain the inequality and support racism, even if thinly veiled as psychobabble. American Indians, Muslims, Iranians, and the other nonwhite races, are not genetically inclined, or "genetically intuited," toward great immorality or criminal behavior — any more than whites are that is.

If genes are connected to unhealthy behavior, it only takes a quick look at the world today to see that the planet’s worst offenders are not, by any stretch of the imagination, limited to nonwhites. In fact, who is the worst offender currently? George W. Bush, a white dominionist. The motivation of “preemptive war” is nothing but premeditated murder at its heart; Bush is the one trying to control the world, not the folks in the middle east. But racism lives on in the "motivations" of David A. Yeagley, babbling out his psycho explanations to keep white folks in power and undermine the equitable sharing of power among the world's population.

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