March 6, 2007

New Bad Eagle "Mascot" Logo

from the Bad Eagle Journal

The piano doctor LOVES American indian mascots, and he continually goes against the wishes of genuine Indians by supporting the continued use of these repulsive images. From his armchair, the great white pontificator argues that offensive mascots actually “honor” Indian people:

David Yeagley — “No, don't dare remove Indian warrior images. Make more” (DY, 2001).

David Yeagley — “American Indian mascots and monikers should remain forever in American schools and universities” (DY, 2001).

So as a special tribute to Mr. Adopted Co-opted, is pleased to announce the official release of our new mascot logo, “We Honor Bad Eagle Indian Apple,” which comes on white background or on black. Feel free to use these logos on your own sites and link back to this one as a banner. Please join us in bestowing this special commemoration upon the Indian Apple, a recognition that he (by his own arguments) can truly appreciate — perhaps as no one else would. Of course, there are good apples and bad apples. offers this "mascot" logo on behalf of all Indian people and the "Bad" Apples we sometimes find along the Red Road, you know, road apples.

The Indian Apple (on white):

The Indian Apple (on black):

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