March 20, 2007

David Yeagley: the non-Indian

from the Bad Eagle Journal

These words (below) are absolutely funny, both in a laughable sense and as an oddity. To have the living, breathing Indian Apple declaring he knows how Indians of today think, or how Indians of the past thought, is way beyond his reach, far outside his realm.

Yeagley is not an Indian. He’s a white supremacist and a Christian dominionist, who uncritically skews his activities toward anything that holds whites in absolute power. David Yeagley is non-Indian on the inside, even if he was adopted by a Comanche woman on the outside.

David Yeagley — “Indians reacted to the new people with an instinctive sense of equality ... But for Indians to cry “Hey, you didn’t live up to your own standards!” is ironic and irrational. If I am an Indian, what do I care whether the white man is a hypocrite or not? To condemn him for doing wrong, by his standards, is being like him, and not being Indian. What difference do his standards make to me—unless I fully accept them for myself, and be like him?” (DY, Mar.20, 2007)
First, Yeagley knows nothing of Indian thinking, so proselytizing about what we think, or don’t think, is not something Yeagley can do. He can make up a myth about the Bad Eagle lineage, falsify and misrepresent birth records, paint himself a "great" hero, sure. But it does not change the truth: Yeagley cannot think Indian.

Second, if non-Indians have the ability to destroy the planet, including us, then we’d be totally stupid NOT to condemn the lies and deceit; justice is part of being Indian. Ignoring those who are destroying the earth, and killing us right along with her, need to get their heads out of the sand. Yeagley too, largely because he is one of the offenders himself, consistently arguing against the rights of Indian people. Just read his irrational blog and you’ll quickly see for yourself: the boy is fruit loops.
David Yeagley — “The price of condemning him is thinking like him ... I say, Indians leaders who condemn America are white. They first need to express their objection to America in an Indian way, otherwise they are unconvincing. To speak the white man’s moral language is the deepest evidence of defeat” (DY, Mar.20, 2007)
Woe Yeagley, where’d you pull out that piece of fantasy: Indian leaders are condemning America? That’s crazy thinking, dude. You’re the one ignoring the Constitution, with your lame defense of traitor Gonzales, by supporting the Bush crime family despite the evidence, and by advocating for a neo-Stalin America complete with the new Christian fascists at the helm. Indian leaders protect and preserve America, unlike you.

When any new administration enters the white house, after the opposing party has had it for one or two administrations, there is always a clearing out of justice appointees. It is common practice, and no one utters a wary nary word of protest, no hari-karis, no bloody marys, no sour cherries, not even a single hairy fairy.

However, what is NOT common, is firing all of your OWN administration’s appointees, mid-term, and trying to appoint new ones without congressional oversight or approval: exactly what Gonzales was trying to do. If the executive branch tries bypassing congress it is usurping invented unitary powers which are in point of fact unconstitutional. Leahy is correct, and Gonzales is the traitor by ignoring the constitution’s separation of powers and system of checks and balances.

Again Yeagley, you don’t even understand what the Constitution does, and you call yourself a “patriot”?

David Yeagley — “Senator Patrick Leahy et al. are hysterical about the White House dismissal of eight attorney generals across the country--despite the fact that it is an absolutely legal, executive, presidential power exercised by President Bush. Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton fired all attorney generals in 1993 (through Janet Reno, then Attorney General of the United States), and that nary a word of protest was spoken. Hillary Clinton is now demanding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resign. This is the apogee of hypocrisy and amorality... According to the United States Constitution, the Senate has absolutely no business interfereing [sic!] with this Executive power (Article II, Section 2.) What Democrat Senator Leahy et al. are doing is wholly unconstitutional, and actually illegal. Senator Leahy and his cohorts should be prosecuted!” (DY, Mar.20, 2007)
You are biggest fool among fools, “mister” Yeagley. You cannot win composer competitions, cannot be awarded grants (though I hear through the grapevine that you try), cannot invent new theories of harmony (and you obviously don’t try), and you are the supreme clown of the American Indian patron saint of Indian Apples. That is why this Bad Eagle site is here to stay, to point out the difference between a genuine American Indian warrior like Winona LaDuke and a half-witted make-believe stereotype like yourself. has the goods on David Adolf Yeagley.


The_Editrix said...

Brent, you are granting him too much credit. There is no stringent line in his "politics", save hatred. If he is anything, he is an odium-supremacist. He has reviled Christianity as well. It's somewhere in my "travesties", link and all. He has, too, left the rantings of somebody who spouted racist drivel against "Nordic" people unchallenged and couldn't understand why I, for one, took offence at that. (The thread is easy to find should the link be of any importance.)

I dont think he has a political agenda at all. One needs a brain, some stringent thinking and a memory of sorts for that. He is just chock-full with bile and hatred and makes up his shit, however contradictory, as he goes along according to what gets him a maximum of attention and to that only.


I think you're right, it is hatred. I think all supremacists hate in that same way, so Yeagley absolutely fits that profile. His opinions blow whichever way the white winds blows, so long as it blows white. He never lets the "facts" get in the way of that: mister two-face.

The_Editrix said...

Hatred as a marker for racial supremacists, that makes sense. But what still befuddles me is how he can pose* as an Indian, i.e. a "person of colour" and still pull the "Whites are the most wonderful people on earth" number. And, I might add, think he can get away with it for any length of time.

I think it's the fatuousness of it all that keeps me interested in this tragicomedy.

* And he POSES as an Indian, whether he has, in fact, Indian genes or not, is irrelevant in that specific context.

Anonymous said...

The Yahooligan Yeagley continues to show the world, again and again, what a dingbat he is. This multiple personalities man is a fraud, a farse, a martyr and idiot -- that's why he can't figure himself out. Completely and totally out of touch with reality and the truth.

The more he writes, the closer he gets himself to imploding...KABOOM! He thinks he has all kinds of support, but doesn't realize it's not support, it's just a bunch of people lurking in on the wacko jacko simpleton to see what jackass sort of thing he is gonna spew this next.

He's a joke, a real comedy he is. And a real disgrace and embarassment to the Indian community -- nationwide.

Neisha A.H. said...

I was just reading the statement where "Yeagly" is it, commented upon Rudy's Running and Hands in Apocalypto, saying they are very black like....

When I saw the movie, I noticed straight away that he was an athlete.
His Stlye is beautiful..
I myself was a Sprinter, 5'11 not bad,
and his hands have to be alterd in a way so you are like "gliding"

it the same with swimmers,they shave their whole body,(arms,legs,etc) so that even the water can'nt hold them back..
I'm not a first nation, but Polynesian.
Yeagly should clean his own backyard up, before trying to clean someone's else's.....
( Your pointing your finger at Rudy
but there's always three finger's
pointing back at you)