March 14, 2007


From the Bad Eagle Blog

Did someone not receive their check from Mark Winters?
From David WhoreO'twits?
Or did David Adolf Yeagley do something particularly vile?
Or was his site hacked ... as I'm guessing he will claim soon enough.
Of course, "commies" and "darkies" were responsible.
Well, whatever the reason, isn't it nice to have a cleaner, more friendly, internet today?
Somehow, it just feels better doesn't it? We think so.

"This Domain ( Has Been Disabled
For information on restoring your account please call customer service as soon as possible

When/If you call our support help line, please have your site name ready"


Amerind said...

We can only hope that the loony hypocrite's site is down for good.

Maybe the men in white coats finally came for event that's certainly long overdue.

The_Editrix said...

"Maybe the men in white coats finally came for David..."

Well, at least the coats were WHITE!

To make him slipping into that straitjacket sans resistance they must have told him that they are from the Ku Klux Klan, that he is to be the first darkie to become an honorary member and that that nice white (WHITE!) coat is the garb for honorary members like him.

Which makes only sense.

Can you picture him smiling fatuously and murmuring: "At last! I will meet the Imperial Faggot!"


somehow, the internet feels nicer today, like after a rain, though Flying Monkey Mouth is still blathering at "The Autoanomalist" about how gay "darkies" are screwing up George Bush and the Republican military

The_Editrix said...

Oh my oh my... Somehow, he didn't seem to add much the popularity of The Autonomist, did he?

And this is precious: So the Left comes to the rescue of the German people, wondrously transcending the ancient taboo on incest. Why, law against incest is tantamount to genetic engineering, and that's a sure Nazi evil. Therefore, German Leftists must undo the incest law, and make sure that those 50% of incest babies will be born with their duly expected abject deformity. That will prove we're not Nazis. . .

Trust that the drooling retard, like the object of his adulation (the housepainter from Austria, that is), HAS to reduce everything to "blood" and "race". He doesn't need to think for that. *It* thinks inside him.

Wouldn't you expect from a true conservative to know that the purpose of the incest taboo is to keep families and family life free from sex? Do I really HAVE to spell out what would happen if mother and son, father and daughter and brother and sister would be happily fornicating away?

Obviously, for him, I'd have to. But I won't.

I have commented on the case, btw.

Stephanie B. said...

Good riddance! It's long overdue.