February 19, 2007

Yeagley's Lament

From the Editrix, Feb. 19, 2007

I don't mind to be boring
So here's my outpouring
I go on yabber yack
Like a maniacal hack
Without any compunction
About Black and White junction
Of darkies and blondes
What despicable bonds
That sets off my gland
And I type with one hand
I DO like to barge
Spread my hatred's dischárge
So you listen to me
Disgust? Not for thee
If you don't want to listen
That causes some frisson
Then I whine and complain
And start a campaign
Of lying and slander
Intellectual pander
When I'm caught foot in mouth
I try wriggeling out
I lie and distort
And cry for support
From slobbering dirt
Hey! They think I'm a flirt
I advocate hanging
For cross-racial banging
Specifical Black
Blah yabber and yack
I am hating myself
Cause I'm left on the shelf
And because I'm not White
I am feeling contrite
That I am bereft
Is the fault of the left
Gestalt psycho babble
Negrós are just rabble
If I were only White
I'd be high like a kite
I loath to be Red
But how else get ahead?
Minority card
Even for a retard
Lack of knowledge illusions
And goofy conclusions
I guess and ass-ume
Blah blah and boom boom
Ann Coulter screech crow
Trannie cackle oh WOW
At least she's no broad
For crying out loud
Bubba Adolf delight
If I only were White
I like blood and death
Just like Lady Macbeth
A bloodthirsty crone
Yack yabber and drone
Rudy Yo'blood orgasm
Awmegawd what a spasm
I have tried read a book
But what trouble that took
So I stopped on page nine
Rather yabber and whine
Yes I can't even spell
Will you all go to hell
Hey is nobody there?
Seems I'm talking to air...

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The_Editrix said...

Hey, thanks!

[fishing] Not bad for a non-native English speaker, eh??? [/fishing]