February 17, 2007

YEAGLEY: he knows a fake when he sees one. YEAH RIGHT!

From the Bad Eagle Journal

Yeagley knows a fake when he sees one? Yeah right. If you believe that, I’ve got some real-estate to show you. David Yeagley, the great pontificator, has put is foot in his mouth so often lately he must be sucking on his big toe. Indians, and by this I mean genuine authentic Indians (not Yeagley), are praising the retirement of "Chief Illiniwek" because it is NOT Indian, because it misrepresents and distorts Indian cultures to the detriment of Indian people. So for the piano doctor to claim this retirement as another “Indian” gone, is just plain stupid. As is the comments by his sheepish flock of true believers. The whole point is that the mascot is NOT Indian by any means, nowhere near Indian in fact. Faux Indian mascots distort, mislead and dishonor.

By the way, did I mention I own the Brooklyn Bridge?

David Yeagley — “Chief Illiniwek, a 'good' Indian. Another Indian is dead. Another Indian has been removed” (DY, Feb. 16, 2007)

And the sheepish response by one of his true believers:
Cinnamon — “A sad day indeed. The erasure of everything Indian from the American landscape is a travesty” (Feb. 16, 2007)

Is there any issue where little David stands with Indian people and not opposing us? Oklahoma is toying with the idea of an English Only law, and of course Yeagley comes out in favor of it. At a time when most if not all Indian tribes are doing whatever they can to invigorate indigenous languages, Yeagley is okay with encouraging their extinction. And once again, check out this piece of Yeagley faux logic: no law “existed before” so let’s make one now. Come again?!

What ever happened to the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality? You know, the extinction of Indian languages is going along rather nicely thank you, so why all this hoopla for an English only law? No law existed before largely because Indians where already subjected to forced loss of culture and language on many fronts, especially in the board schools where they were actually jailed for speaking their own languages and often killed by the poor conditions there. But yeah, no prohibition against Indian languages existed? No law forcing Indians into boarding schools and terminating them?

Did I also mention that I own the Washington Monument?
David Yeagley — “If there is any fading of Indian language, it isn’t because of this law. No such ‘English Only’ law existed before. How could it be blamed now?... No sir! As an Indian ... I definitely think ‘English Only’ is a good thing” (DY, Feb. 14, 2007)

First, what authentic qualifications does Yeagley have to speak "as" an Indian? None. And, did you catch the skewed reasoning here (or more correctly lack of reasoning)? Just to illustrate how infantile the piano doctor’s mis-reasoning is, let’s rephrase Yeagley’s claims in the form of a multiple choice question.

The fading of Indian languages is caused by:
A. the forced subjugation of indigenous language speakers.
B. the governmental policies prohibiting indigenous languages to be spoken.
C. the ongoing discrimination against contemporary Indian people.
D. the removal of fake Indian mascots by commie democratic leftists.
E. the hundreds of laws protecting our Indian languages from extinction.

Or a reverse hypothetical: the increasing predominance of Indian languages over the failing use of English is caused by:
A. the forced subjugation of English language speakers.
B. the governmental policies prohibiting English to be spoken.
C. the failing of minorities to see the inherent superiority of white people.
D. the 'Bureau of White Affairs' squandering billions of hard-earned ‘petro’ dollars.
E. George Soros learning to speak Comanche.

And finally: the failing mind of the great pontificator is caused by:
A. commie leftist women whiners.
B. whining women leftist commies.
C. commie whining women leftists.
D. leftist women commie whiners.
E. All of the Above.

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