February 8, 2007

Yeagley: Corruption, Slaughter & The Right

From the Bad Eagle Journal

Tired News, I admit — Just like Karl Rove — David Yeagley is distorting the facts again, contributing to the Republican slash Neocon slash Right Wing battle to further undermine American security. His latest rant is a smoke screen to hide the current Republican “culture of corruption” (as it is known), by trying to pin it on Liberals. Weird, I know. Republicans are corrupt way beyond any other party in US history, yet Yeagley rants about how liberals are to blame? Amazing idiocy. Government "by the people" is certainly in danger but not from liberals, this is the era of the Republican culture of corruption.

David Yeagley — “As never before, I realized the effect of anti-American liberalism: liberalism loves slaughter... Liberals love death. They love to see it happen. They encourage terrorism... They love the "rape" of nations. They love these things. It is almost too incredible to believe. But, it is also quite obvious” (DY, Feb.7, 2007).

My response is simple. It is not liberals that love death and raping other countries, it is the neocons such as Yeagley, a self-proclaimed “warrior” who has never served, not even close to serving. Can you say “self-aggrandizing chicken hawk, with inflated self-importance and big talk” ten times really fast? It is the Republican Bush admninistration that lied to get the US into an illegal war, stolen our hard-earned taxes, and abused other countries and their indigenous peoples (for oil and war profiteering) — this is the era of Republican corruption.

Here are links to the facts on Republican corruption, including the ill-conceived, failing and illegal war in Iraq. The GOP is the party of warmongering, and David Yeagley is a fourth-rate neocon pundit and Horowitz lackey.

Republicans and corporations subverting the American people:
“The government hands out contracts... The problem, though, is that, upon closer scrutiny, this is not how the system works. It's actually much more sinister than that, allowing the interests of America to be subverted by the interests of corporate America... this is the story of how Lockheed's interests, as opposed to those of the American citizenry, set the course of U.S. policy after 9/11... For the war companies, things have worked out perfectly... "Shock and Awe" began at night, with Lockheed Martin Stealth F-117 Nighthawks leading the assault”

Republican corruption and private mercenary companies:
“In March 2004, four American guards were attacked and killed in the Iraqi town of Fallujah. Their charred bodies were beaten and dragged through the streets in front of television cameras... While Iraq represents bloodshed and death on a massive scale to most people, to Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) it has brought a boom time, boosting the revenues ... for the industry worldwide reached $100 billion... At Abu Ghraib prison, employees of two PMSCs were implicated in the prisoner abuse scandal, including allegedly raping a male juvenile detainee ... torture during interrogations... Several DynCorp employees in Bosnia were accused of running a prostitution ring that used under-age girls, as well as purchasing illegal weapons ... The firm's site supervisor was accused of videotaping himself raping two young women”

The Record of Republican Corruption:
1) The Epidemic of Republican resignations. 2) "Christian" Republicans destroy the institution of marriage. 3) Guess which has been the most corrupt administration in US history.

The Massive Corruption of the Reagan Administration

Bush Family Scandals

Deny Climate Change, Make a Cool $10,000 — Republican supported Exxon & American Enterprise Institute bribes to dispute climate change

Don’t Talk about illegal Wars — Just do them — No talking allowed:
“After much anticipation, Senate Republicans blocked debate early Monday evening on a bill opposing President Bush’s plan to escalate U.S. troop levels in Iraq”

How Neocons Manipulate Science and Gamble with Our Future

How the Right Wing is Turning America Into a One-party State

Republican Propaganda in Bush's Warmongering


Stephanie B. said...

Satan really has a hold on David and his right-wing racist cronies. He'll lie to your very face without knowing it and, with the help from his right-wing friends, he gets away with it scot-free.

I'm telling you, David Yeagley is the most dangerous man in America along with Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Clarence Thomas, Steve Sailer, and Francis Coombs.

Stephanie B.

Amerind said...

Stephanie B.,

Yeagley would be dangerous if he had any importance, but he is such a "small and unworthy man" (to quote Yeagley himself) that he has no impact on ANYTHING. He IS annoying but less so than a gnat buzzing around an elephant. He has his tiny handful of supporters, but most people see him as simply a nut case. However, I do wish he would stop speaking as an "Indian" and own up to being just another shill for the Bush crime family.