February 26, 2007

Bedlamite Yeagledites

Wikipedia Finally Tells the Truth About Yeagley
From DavidYeagley.Org, 02-15- 07

For a long time time Wikipedia had a racist Italian named Badagnani who fancies himself an American Indian expert editing the page. He would not allow criticism of Yeagley, nothing showing how racist Yeagley is.

It appears more than a few Natives have been criticizing Wikipedia for this and editing in some badly needed truth into Wikipedia's Yeagley article. Whoever you all are, thanks for repeatedly repasting the article I originally wrote some months back. It may not last once the Yeagledites find out, but it's satisfying to see it there for now. That article has actually been reposted in so many places, it actually shows up on google searches rated higher than the Wikipedia article promoting Yeagley that Badagnani had up.

There was also this statement posted before the start of the Yeagley article on Wikipedia.

"Wikipedia has consistently failed to live up to its own standards of NPOV:

1. This Wikipedia topic have consistently been censored by an editor who is an open racist, a European named Baganini who describes himself as a "big Ann Coulter fan."

2. All Native contributors to this topic have been consistently censored.

3. All Native sources on this topic hsve been deleted, including accounts of Comanche elders, tribal historians, and other Native historians and activists.

4. Instead, the editors have consistently taken Yeagley's own words for much of the article. To them, a white supremacist posing as being part Indian is more trustworthy that Natiives are. This is a blatantly racist double standard, not to mention ignorant and ethnocentric.

5. All attempts by Native contributors have been ignored or censored, despite repeated offers to work with the editors. The editors do not even reply to Native comments or inquiries.

The editors defense of a white supremacist and refusal to allow ANY criticism AT ALL is remarkable and indefensible.

We will continue to spread the truth about Yeagley, no matter how much you censor.

We will outlast you, much like we've outlasted other white racists.

Of course you could simply work with us. But we suspect you'll show yourselves to be as petty as before and continue to allow this entry to be a puff piece promoting a white supremacist rather than admit to being wrong."

Their criticism of Wikipedia seems to have had a good effect. Not only did the Wikipedia article finally show the truth about Yeagley being adopted and being a white imposter and white supremacist, the Wikipedia editors actually *protected* it from being censored by Yeagley's followers.

Wikipedia's editor(s) deserve praise for finally ending their previous pettiness and fearfulness of the lame threats of Yeagledites that telling the truth about Yeagley being a white supremacist and being adopted and not Comanche by either blood or culture is somehow "libel."

After all, in almost a half year Yeagley has not carried out his frequent threats to sue this site [www.davidyeagley.org] or its contributors. Yeagley knows all too well that a trial would only further expose and humiliate him as the imposter and racist he is.

Perhaps he also has learned a litttle bit about the law, that truth is an *absolute* defense against anything you say or print being libel or slander. Everything on this site [www.davidyeagley.org] is truthful, thus I have never feared a lawsuit.

originally posted by Dr. Al Carroll

February 24, 2007

Wacko Jacko is a Liar, Wacko Jacko’s Pants on Fire

from the Bad Eagle Journal

As Wacko Jacko is so very fond of Suzan Shown Harjo, I thought I add some of the recent editorial on the Illiniwek mascot retirement that has left a smothering lump of coal in Waffle’s underwear. And as a two-fer, Yeagley once claimed be the first American Indian to have written an opera, when the actual fact is that Gertrude (a woman) did so, some 70 years prior to the White Ponificator’s grand operatic declaration. Read on.

Suzan Shown Harjo — “I have a theory that some of the Chief fans really don't disrespect Native people. They just don't know any. While fans were collecting their orange Chief T-shirts, mugs, caps and bumper stickers, they missed a few things. The first dozen years in the life of UIUC's racial mascot were the last dozen years of real life Yankton Sioux author Zitkala-Sa ... Gertrude Bonnin, she was a musician, composer and the first Native person to write an opera... This richness of spirit can fill empty places. Find out about Native people now departed and what gifts they left for us: ... Read or listen to anything by Vine Deloria Jr. or John Mohawk. Look at anything by T.C. Cannon, Harry Fonseca, R.C. Gorman, Allen Houser, George Morrison, Fritz Scholder or Pablita Velarde. After even a brief exploration, Illiniwek fans, you may kick yourself over the great many Indian people you missed while following the Chief” (SJH, Feb. 23, 2007)

February 23, 2007

Yeagley, Christian Advocate for Murder

from the Bad Eagle Journal

David Yeagley — “Illegal Immigrants Must Die! ... Sound a bit harsh? I think not... I say, let him die where he falls. Let the buzzards eat his body... That would be justice” (DY, Feb. 22, 2007)

The above words of Mr. Spleen Jeans of course reduce everything to it’s lowest and stupidest denominator. Take for example Majid and his nine-year old son Kevin who — through no fault of their own — were traveling from another country to Canada, and only from happenstance landed in the US without a visa; the plane was forced to land prematurely for a heart attack victim’s emergency. When they found Majid without a proper visa, the authorities jailed him and his entire family in a Texas internment camp where he still residing. Of course, where else besides Bush's Texas?

It was not
Majid's choice, nor his plan, to enter the US at all. But when he did so as a result of some else’s medical emergency, the Bush warrant-less security cronies threw him in prison camp, including his 9-yo son who sleeps by leaning up against a concrete bathroom wall each night. Smooth move Exlax. Dr. Kegely strikes again ... if Yeagley had his so-called "Christ-like" way, all Christians everywhere would start picking off immigrants on site. Here’s the Christian’s chance to finally “get even,” forget all that turn-the-other-cheek nonsense, right? Remember the Colosseum and feeding the lion’s? Well, get busy Christians, it’s open season on murder, according to the wrinkly ole traitor head himself, Dr. R.I.P Man Wrinkle.

Yeagley: A Clown by Many Monikers

From the Bad Eagle Journal

the Indian Apple
one small unworthy man
Waffling Warrior
the piano doctor
Dr. Kegely
the great pontificator
great white pontificator
flying monkey mouth
Wacko Jacko
mr. spleen jeans
Dr. R.I.P Man Wrinkle
Little David
Average Savage
ole traitor head

By any name, it’s still a joke of a moniker. A scared piano player who never fought against anything except good scientific reasoning. Did you check out his stance on global warming? Virtually every scientific organization in the world is united on the cause of global warming (air pollution by human beings), yet Dr. Kegely dumps his credibility on the words of Rush Limbaugh against all of them. Great, mr. spleen jeans and a drug addict, together in thought and mind. The piano doctor made his grand claims to formulate a brand spankin’ new theory of harmonic tonality and claims to have written works under it’s auspices, but it turned out to be all a hoax after all. Synthetic harmonies have been around for a long time, and the great pontificator loves to exaggerate, especially to bolster his own image. He keeps all too quiet about it now, now that a formidable composer has investigated it. In the end, most everything flying monkey mouth declares is most likely supportive of the corporate right wing media and against Americans and our welfare. Perhaps we should add another moniker, traitor head.

February 22, 2007

Yeagley known by new name, Sitting Duck

From the Editrix (Feb. 21, 2007)

I happened to come across this oldish statement by David Yeagley a couple of days ago:

Poor Nora. First she followed me to TheAutonomist and tried to post there--until I had to expose her.

Spontaneously, I just wondered as WHAT the retard "exposed" me. As somebody who backs up each and every statement about him with rock-solid evidence or what?

But that is not the point. The point is, that the idiot lied and that I can PROVE that he lied.

I was invited to post at The Autonomist before I even knew that he was contributing there as well and I was invited following a recommendation by a journalist called Myles Kantor.

Idiot that I am, I was even apprehensive at that time that my private little feud with Yeagley might bring discontent to The Autonomist.

I, additionally, complied to bury the hatchet when asked to do so. However, I refused to delete my anti-Yeagley posts as long as Yeagley wouldn't do the same with his posts about me. In fact, I stopped posting against him even before my little feud became yet known, and then observed that he didn't do the same following the "let bygones be bygones" talk.

And the good thing is: I still have the entire email correspondence (any interested party can see it) to back up each and every word I am saying here. AND the fact that Yeagley is nothing but a pathetic, delusional liar.

Not that this comes as a surprise, but I like the idea nevertheless.

To be frank, at that time, I was amazed at the imposition (or is the word "impertinence"?) of asking that I should censor myself retroactively. And that, mind you, from a conservative who is as hot on "freedom" as they come. But, as I said, I would have done it, had Yeagley done the same.

I have no idea what value a simple thing like "truth" holds for an American conservative. But I, for one, am fond of the oldfashioned (my thesaurus offers the alternative "conservative", but it must be erring here) idea that truth is a valuable thing per se. And that is why I am putting up this post.

As an aside: Does that naive dolt really think I am "following" him? That I beg blog owners: "Please let me post. I wanna badmouth Yeagley" or what? What would be the purpose of "following" him? Is there any limit to his megalomania and paranoia? Does he think that blog owners would comply? Would I get invitations to post at group blogs on the strength of the single merit that I don't like Yeagley? And if yes, what then?

Or do I NEED to "follow" him in the first place when he delivers all material against himself free and gratuitous at his very own idiot website?

The only drawback this sadly holds is the fact that it is considered unfair to shoot a sitting duck.

He seems to think, too, that it is somehow my fault that his rating at Technorati is as low as it is (rank 109,155 with 106 links from 35 blogs), instead of getting a modicum of information how Technorati works and then asking himself why so few people are keen to put up links to his site. Does he think I wouldn't release my own blog from the humble rank 57,440 (131 links from 63 blogs as I am writing this) IF I HAD ANY WAY TO DO SO?

I know I have asked this before, but do they deliver doctorates by mail order in the States?

On a different note, doesn't he see what laughing stock he made of the owner of The Autonomist whose cool macho-conservative number he has exposed at what it is: The airs of a John-Wayne-for-the-lower-classes who first asks for retroactive self-censorship and then gives in to the whining of a lying old queen.

For the search engines:
Dr. David Yeagley
Piano Player
Waffling Warrior
Two Short Planks
Bad Eagle
Bad Hair Day
Pants on Fire

Oh I forgot: He was dumb enough to insinuate that I aspire to post at WorldNetDaily. Thank you very much, Yeagley! Too bad he has AGAIN forgotten to back up his claim. I wouldn't touch that virtual fishwrap with a barge pole and -- again -- I can PROVE it. In fact, I have trashed it several times at my blog and -- DRUMROLL -- even at Yeagley's own site, to which he, interestingly, responded:
You've got to admit, it was a cool article. Just wasn't true!

Yeah, right! Make up your "cool" shit while you go along and if it's not true -- too bad. At least it's "conservative" shit.

Which neatly sums up Waffle's attitude towards truth.

I rest my case.


From the Bad Eagle Journal

Can Waffling Warrior David Yeagley read the writing on the wall. No? Okay, I can spell it out then. The Iraq war, Bush’s oil war, the preemptive war of Bush’s aggression (i.e., Bush’s premeditated murder of civilians in other countries) is a colossal failure. Bush’s claim to make the world safer is complete crap. A new study concludes the world is considerably LESS safe than before Bush attacked Iraq. Again, Yeagley is licking at the hind quarters of an issue, siding again with the corporate warmongering elite and against the American people. Of course, the piano doctor never was a warrior, he only “plays” one on his web page. Well, read it and weep, little David. Terrorism has increased by 607% — BECAUSE of Bush.

Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank — “ ‘By fighting these terrorists in Iraq, Americans in uniform are defeating a direct threat to the American people.’ So said President Bush on November 30, 2005, refining his earlier call to ‘bring them on.’ ... The president’s argument conveyed two important assumptions: first, that the threat of jihadist terrorism to U.S. interests would have been greater without the war in Iraq, and second, that the war is reducing the overall global pool of terrorists. However, the White House has never cited any evidence for either of these assumptions... The administration’s own National Intelligence Estimate ... states that "the Iraq War has become the ‘cause celebre’ for jihadists ... and is shaping a new generation of terrorist leaders and operatives.’ ... we have undertaken what we believe to be the first such study, using information from the world’s premier database on global terrorism.”

February 21, 2007

Yeagley: The Waffling Warrior

Yeagley has earned many monikers with his deceit, among them Waffling Warrior, for his lies about being a warrior when he has not and would not ever serve in the military himself. His persona is a big lie. But these days, he is a pundit for the extreme right wing, the white dominionists. As a pundit, they have been instructed to avoid talking of Iraq failures and avoid talking about Bush’s plans to attack Iran, all in an effort to allow the right wing press to saber rattle against Iran. The press is largely to the right, 90% of it is right wing these days. This so-called “liberal media” is a lie too, as only 10% of the media is left leaning. So while Waffling Warrior fantasizes about suicidal blonde models he can never have, and apocalpto actors he can never have, here is the truth about Bush and his mental illness, below.

One should never allow a paternalistic "dry drunk" run a country, and one should never allow any company or individual to earn profits on war. Wars should not be profitable ventures, and Bush’s claims that “commerce trumps peace” is another way of saying money is more important than respecting life — if killing can fund higher earnings than it is okay with Bush. Waffles and Bush are probably secret White(dominion)House lovers. Read the truth:

Ex-Aide Says Rice Misled US Congress on Iran

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice misled the US Congress when she said last week that she had not seen a 2003 Iranian proposal for talks with the United States, a former senior government official said on Wednesday.
Colonel Ann Wright (Retired) | An Appeal to Conscience to Those Who Would Bomb Iran
Colonel Ann Wright (retired) writes: "I appeal to the conscience of US Air Force and US Navy pilots and military personnel who command cruise missiles and pilot bombers and those who plan the missions for the pilots and missile commanders. I ask that they refuse what I believe will be unlawful orders to attack Iran."
Joint Chiefs Chairman Sees No Evidence of Meddling by Iran's Regime
Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said yesterday that he has no information indicating Iran's government is directing the supply of lethal weapons to Shiite insurgent groups in Iraq.
Ray McGovern | Wake Up! The Next War Is Coming
Ray McGovern writes: "Where is the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on prospects for Iran's nuclear capability? An estimate is said to be under way, but at a seemingly leisurely pace, completely inappropriate to the circumstances. And there has been no NIE on this key issue since spring 2005."
Gareth Porter | US Briefing on Iran Discredits the Official Line
"The administration suggested that there could be no other explanation for the presence of Iranian-made weapons than official government sponsorship of smuggling them into Iraq," writes Gareth Porter. "But in doing so, they had to ignore a well-known reality: most weapons, including armor-piercing projectiles, can be purchased by anyone through intermediaries in the Middle East."

February 19, 2007


From the Bad Eagle Foundation

It seems David Yeagley's quite unsophisticated claims to support racist mascots — in the name of preserving American Indian “manhood” — are evidenced by numerous pontifications and prosyeltising efforts in schools liberal enough to let him proselytize. But Yeagley is severely out-of-touch with Indian people on-the-ground, away from his web searching ‘n book learnin’. If Yeagley is Indian at all, he is an Apple, and apple pie-in-the-sky piano player turned white dominionist.

Yes, white dominionist, that brand of Christianity that trumpets up masculinity, the fatherland, and glorification of all things war, at the expensive of anything else. Yeagley’s no Indian, he’s a dominionist pundit. Just read these particular perspectives on the “mascot” issue, and it is easy to see little David for what he really is — a sloppy thinker and a second-rate white dominionist. Read on!

From a faux-Indian declamation that Yeagley delivered:

The Pioneer — “Yeagley told a University Union audience that members of America’s left wing are usually behind the casinos, reaping the majority of the benefits. In his talk, ‘How the Left Stole the Indian Image,’ he maintained that while some American Indians had profited from casinos, there wasn’t a single instance in which an entire tribe or specific group had benefited.

Another topic he touched on was the use of American Indian images and names as mascots for schools and professional sports teams.
Yeagley said he didn’t know of any group of American Indians offended by the use of Indian images as mascots. He said that generally speaking, American Indians didn’t care. When then asked why there were lawsuits claiming that American Indians were offended by Indian mascots, Yeagley said he saw dollar signs in the litigation” (Tiffany High, Dec. 4, 2003). Read more here: http://pioneer.csueastbay.edu/PioneerWeb/PioneerNews12-4-03/PioneerNews12-4-03-Page3.pdf

From a faux-Indian speechification that Yeagley delivered:
Collegian Online — “During the question-and-answer session, Chester Asher (senior-political science) pointed out a discrepancy he found in Yeagley's lecture. Asher said Yeagley said schools might be paid money to remove ‘offensive’ mascots, but he was ignoring the fact that marketing divisions of athletic teams ‘dehumanize’ the Native American image to make money. ‘I think we need more accurate, much more accurate, depictions,’ Asher said. ‘It's an abuse of a culture.’

Yeagley responded saying he does not see athletic mascots as abusing the Native American image. Asher closed his comments with harsh criticism for Yeagley. ‘I think you're foolishly idealistic,’ Asher said before walking away. Keri-Ann Tavares (senior-history) said more than just the warrior aspect of the Native American lifestyle needs to be represented in American culture.

Yeagley responded by saying the warrior aspect is needed to motivate the teams. ‘They choose a mascot to activate the psychology,’ he said. Tavares then responded, saying the concept that team names inspire heroic characteristics, like aggressiveness, in a team has no base. ‘Look at the Washington Redskins--they're a horrible football team,’ Tavares said” (Collegian Online, Dec. 6 2002). Read more here: http://www.collegian.psu.edu/archive/2002/12/12-06-02tdc/12-06-02dnews-10.asp

Here’s the Real-Deal from an illustrious American Indian journalist:
Tim Giago — “The news is out that the University of Illinois will drop its Chief Illiniwek mascot. It just goes to show that not all 'traditions' are honorable... This time-honored tradition faced its first objection when a young lady of Spokane Indian heritage, a graduate student at the University of Illinois, named Charlene Teters, stood alone and fearful at a football game in Champaign holding a small sign that read, 'We are human beings and not mascots.' ... Some spat on her as they walked past and others flipped burning cigarettes at her... To stand alone in the face of such fury and anger from a supposed educated segment of America's white society took courage and determination ... Her fear was mostly for that of her children and not herself.

But tell me this; why should any person fear for their very lives for protesting the use of Indians as mascots for America's fun and games? ... I joined the protest one year as a newspaper reporter. I walked near the protestors taking pictures as they marched. I was once again overwhelmed by the degree of hatred aimed at these protestors. Profanity such as 'F- you squaws' or 'Get the hell out of here you drunken Indians,' rained down on the protestors on their march to the stadium. My God, what a proud tradition! How can a people exude such hatred for real Indians while honoring a phony chief?” (TG, Feb. 19, 2007) Read more here: http://www.indianz.com/News/2007/000962.asp

Here’s the Real-Deal from an authentic Comanche scholar and educator:
Dr. Cornel Pewewardy — “Accordingly, teachers should not ignore the issues of Indian mascots in schools... Teachers should research the matter and discover that Native Americans would never have associated the sacred practices of becoming a warrior with the hoopla of a high school pep rally, half-time entertainment, being a sidekick to cheerleaders, or royalty in homecoming pageants.

Most of these types of activities carry racial overtones of playing Indian in school events... Indian mascots exhibit either idealized or comical facial features and 'native' dress, ranging from body-length feathered (usually turkey) headdresses to more subtle fake buckskin attire or skimpy loincloths. Some teams and supporters display counterfeit Indian paraphernalia... Most of these proverbial stereotypes are manufactured racist images that prevent millions of students from understanding the past and current authentic human experience of Native Americans.

Who should decide what is demeaning and racist? Clearly, the affected party determines what is offensive. It is not for unaffected members of society to dictate how the affected party should feel. Moreover, these name changes shouldn't have to go through ugly alumni and student backlashes that smear grassroots complainants as troublemakers, gadflies, activist, militant, or being “politically correct.” ... the misconceptions and stereotypes about Native people which bombard the child from outside of the classroom need to be counteracted... Indian mascots are one cause for low self-esteem in Indian children...

Professional organizations that have passed resolutions in support of eliminating negative Indian mascots used in schools include the National Indian Education Association, Kansas Association for Native American Education, United Indian Nations of Oklahoma, Governor's Interstate Indian Council, Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council, National Congress of American Indians, NAACP, and NCAA. Basically, this represents the critical mass of Indian educational associations and tribal governments have either passed resolution or gone on record wanting to eliminate Indian mascots and logos from school-related activities and events” (Dr. CP, Oct. 7, 2000). Read more here: http://www.turtletrack.org/Issues00/Co10072000/CO_10072000_Honor.htm

Yeagley's Lament

From the Editrix, Feb. 19, 2007

I don't mind to be boring
So here's my outpouring
I go on yabber yack
Like a maniacal hack
Without any compunction
About Black and White junction
Of darkies and blondes
What despicable bonds
That sets off my gland
And I type with one hand
I DO like to barge
Spread my hatred's dischárge
So you listen to me
Disgust? Not for thee
If you don't want to listen
That causes some frisson
Then I whine and complain
And start a campaign
Of lying and slander
Intellectual pander
When I'm caught foot in mouth
I try wriggeling out
I lie and distort
And cry for support
From slobbering dirt
Hey! They think I'm a flirt
I advocate hanging
For cross-racial banging
Specifical Black
Blah yabber and yack
I am hating myself
Cause I'm left on the shelf
And because I'm not White
I am feeling contrite
That I am bereft
Is the fault of the left
Gestalt psycho babble
Negrós are just rabble
If I were only White
I'd be high like a kite
I loath to be Red
But how else get ahead?
Minority card
Even for a retard
Lack of knowledge illusions
And goofy conclusions
I guess and ass-ume
Blah blah and boom boom
Ann Coulter screech crow
Trannie cackle oh WOW
At least she's no broad
For crying out loud
Bubba Adolf delight
If I only were White
I like blood and death
Just like Lady Macbeth
A bloodthirsty crone
Yack yabber and drone
Rudy Yo'blood orgasm
Awmegawd what a spasm
I have tried read a book
But what trouble that took
So I stopped on page nine
Rather yabber and whine
Yes I can't even spell
Will you all go to hell
Hey is nobody there?
Seems I'm talking to air...


David Yeagley (piano player) — I'm convinced, this is what we want... admire Hitler and Dracula. They were cool... Hitler created fantastic power. Dracula survived the grave, in a way, and lives on. This is fascinating. This is what we want. Power and eternity (DY, Feb.18, 2007)

As the Indian Apple enjoys "word" games, you may regard this specially-designed response as a bookworm tunneling through a rotten piece of fruit, little David.

February 17, 2007

YEAGLEY: he knows a fake when he sees one. YEAH RIGHT!

From the Bad Eagle Journal

Yeagley knows a fake when he sees one? Yeah right. If you believe that, I’ve got some real-estate to show you. David Yeagley, the great pontificator, has put is foot in his mouth so often lately he must be sucking on his big toe. Indians, and by this I mean genuine authentic Indians (not Yeagley), are praising the retirement of "Chief Illiniwek" because it is NOT Indian, because it misrepresents and distorts Indian cultures to the detriment of Indian people. So for the piano doctor to claim this retirement as another “Indian” gone, is just plain stupid. As is the comments by his sheepish flock of true believers. The whole point is that the mascot is NOT Indian by any means, nowhere near Indian in fact. Faux Indian mascots distort, mislead and dishonor.

By the way, did I mention I own the Brooklyn Bridge?

David Yeagley — “Chief Illiniwek, a 'good' Indian. Another Indian is dead. Another Indian has been removed” (DY, Feb. 16, 2007)

And the sheepish response by one of his true believers:
Cinnamon — “A sad day indeed. The erasure of everything Indian from the American landscape is a travesty” (Feb. 16, 2007)

Is there any issue where little David stands with Indian people and not opposing us? Oklahoma is toying with the idea of an English Only law, and of course Yeagley comes out in favor of it. At a time when most if not all Indian tribes are doing whatever they can to invigorate indigenous languages, Yeagley is okay with encouraging their extinction. And once again, check out this piece of Yeagley faux logic: no law “existed before” so let’s make one now. Come again?!

What ever happened to the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality? You know, the extinction of Indian languages is going along rather nicely thank you, so why all this hoopla for an English only law? No law existed before largely because Indians where already subjected to forced loss of culture and language on many fronts, especially in the board schools where they were actually jailed for speaking their own languages and often killed by the poor conditions there. But yeah, no prohibition against Indian languages existed? No law forcing Indians into boarding schools and terminating them?

Did I also mention that I own the Washington Monument?
David Yeagley — “If there is any fading of Indian language, it isn’t because of this law. No such ‘English Only’ law existed before. How could it be blamed now?... No sir! As an Indian ... I definitely think ‘English Only’ is a good thing” (DY, Feb. 14, 2007)

First, what authentic qualifications does Yeagley have to speak "as" an Indian? None. And, did you catch the skewed reasoning here (or more correctly lack of reasoning)? Just to illustrate how infantile the piano doctor’s mis-reasoning is, let’s rephrase Yeagley’s claims in the form of a multiple choice question.

The fading of Indian languages is caused by:
A. the forced subjugation of indigenous language speakers.
B. the governmental policies prohibiting indigenous languages to be spoken.
C. the ongoing discrimination against contemporary Indian people.
D. the removal of fake Indian mascots by commie democratic leftists.
E. the hundreds of laws protecting our Indian languages from extinction.

Or a reverse hypothetical: the increasing predominance of Indian languages over the failing use of English is caused by:
A. the forced subjugation of English language speakers.
B. the governmental policies prohibiting English to be spoken.
C. the failing of minorities to see the inherent superiority of white people.
D. the 'Bureau of White Affairs' squandering billions of hard-earned ‘petro’ dollars.
E. George Soros learning to speak Comanche.

And finally: the failing mind of the great pontificator is caused by:
A. commie leftist women whiners.
B. whining women leftist commies.
C. commie whining women leftists.
D. leftist women commie whiners.
E. All of the Above.

February 15, 2007


From The Bad Eagle Journal

While the piano doctor David Yeagley is lockstep with the latest talking point “talk about anything except the failure in Iraq” that dominates the right wing, he continues to put out streams of logic that defy imagination, such as linking the passing of Anna Nicole Smith to demonizing the Democratic proclivities of the American people. Yeagley’s logic (going smoothly from point A to point B) is a vast void of emptiness that is not even smooth in a purely rhetorical sense. The only link between Anna’s demise and America’s Democratic leanings exists within Yeagley’s own web page, purely rhetorical and wholly without merit. And, why is the Anna story not ending? Because pundits are keeping it alive as a distraction, that’s why. Talk about anything BUT the failure in Iraq — so dictates the talking point — so Yeagley writes about white women, again.

David Yeagley — “Wonder why the Anna Nicole Smith story won't end? ... Now, liberals love to lament, and lavish useless affection over suffering, but there's more to this than just that... Democrats are trying to trash Bush and to trash America... Vickie Lynn trashed her own life (in a way worse than the trash her mother handed her), and ultimately left the curse on her innocent baby girl. Vickie Lynn can't make anyone think differently about her life. So, when liberal Democrats have their way, what innocent baby will they leave cursed?” (DY, Feb. 15, 2007).

THE REAL NEWS STORY here, however, is about Yeagley himself, the white supremacist. He is proven this time to be not only philosophically Anti-Indian, but literally Anti-Indian. In Yeagley’s imaginary world, his unscientific web post on how the global warming crisis is nothing but a leftist liberal scare tactic, is directly at odds with what our American Indian leaders are struggling with in the real world. Yeagley rejects the proven science to favor the anti-warming claims of a convicted and drug-impaired radio talk show personality.
David Yeagley — "It's a grand, apocalyptic cause, this global warming. The Leftists love it. It is their religion... I know science has proven itself unreliable ... These scientists are like the mullahs in Iran. They must create a crisis to remain employed. They must talk crises, to maintain their importance and power. One of the best assessements of this issue is offered by none other than Rush Limbaugh” (DY, Feb. 2, 2007)

Yeagley directly opposes what we know is the life-and-death struggle of Indian people. While American Indian leaders, such as Inuit woman and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier, are calling for accountability from the corrupt governmental practices that keep the destruction going, pundits like Yeagley are pampering themselves without conscience to maintain and even increase the devastating effects on our indigenous people. While Indians in the north are struggling to survive as the world’s “first responders” to this global catastrophe, Yeagley is championing our extinction. Irregardless of whether you (the reader) are liberal or conservative, democratic or republican, Indian or non-Indian, what is now a proven verifiable fact is that David Yeagley is — quite literally — anti-Indian.
“Indigenous peoples from the Arctic have long argued that global warming was having a dramatic effect on their environment. In 2002, villagers in the remote Alaskan island community of Shishmaref voted to relocate to the mainland because rising sea levels threatened to overwhelm their community. Data has been gathered to support their claims and scientists have recorded how polar regions are the most vulnerable to climate change. The most recent international Arctic Climate Impact Assessment suggested global warming would see temperatures in the Arctic rise by 4-7C over the next 100 years - about twice the previous average estimated increase.

The delegation to Washington will be led by Sheila Watt-Cloutier, the former chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference who was last week nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Speaking yesterday from Iqaluit in Nunavut, Canada, she said: 'For us in the Arctic our entire culture depends on the cold. The problem of climate change is what this is all about. At the same time we will be bringing in lawyers to talk about the link between climate change and human rights’." (from The Independent, Feb. 9, 2007).

February 13, 2007


Pundithead David Yeagley, the great pontificator, is swallowing and regurgitating another talking point, which seems to be the norm for him this week. It’s intended to trump up the call to further war and further debt, in order to help the oil corporations make a lot more money. Poor companies are nearly bankrupt, they need our help. Why not go to war, and feed the machine. And David Yeagley, the piano doctor, is at it again, and as uncritical as always about what he digests, hook, line and stinker. No need to repeat the stupidity here. If you’d like to read something intelligent and well constructed about all this trumpeting the call for war — again — read this article instead, and flush Yeagley away as insignificant, which he is.

"From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq"

February 8, 2007

Yeagley: Corruption, Slaughter & The Right

From the Bad Eagle Journal

Tired News, I admit — Just like Karl Rove — David Yeagley is distorting the facts again, contributing to the Republican slash Neocon slash Right Wing battle to further undermine American security. His latest rant is a smoke screen to hide the current Republican “culture of corruption” (as it is known), by trying to pin it on Liberals. Weird, I know. Republicans are corrupt way beyond any other party in US history, yet Yeagley rants about how liberals are to blame? Amazing idiocy. Government "by the people" is certainly in danger but not from liberals, this is the era of the Republican culture of corruption.

David Yeagley — “As never before, I realized the effect of anti-American liberalism: liberalism loves slaughter... Liberals love death. They love to see it happen. They encourage terrorism... They love the "rape" of nations. They love these things. It is almost too incredible to believe. But, it is also quite obvious” (DY, Feb.7, 2007).

My response is simple. It is not liberals that love death and raping other countries, it is the neocons such as Yeagley, a self-proclaimed “warrior” who has never served, not even close to serving. Can you say “self-aggrandizing chicken hawk, with inflated self-importance and big talk” ten times really fast? It is the Republican Bush admninistration that lied to get the US into an illegal war, stolen our hard-earned taxes, and abused other countries and their indigenous peoples (for oil and war profiteering) — this is the era of Republican corruption.

Here are links to the facts on Republican corruption, including the ill-conceived, failing and illegal war in Iraq. The GOP is the party of warmongering, and David Yeagley is a fourth-rate neocon pundit and Horowitz lackey.

Republicans and corporations subverting the American people:
“The government hands out contracts... The problem, though, is that, upon closer scrutiny, this is not how the system works. It's actually much more sinister than that, allowing the interests of America to be subverted by the interests of corporate America... this is the story of how Lockheed's interests, as opposed to those of the American citizenry, set the course of U.S. policy after 9/11... For the war companies, things have worked out perfectly... "Shock and Awe" began at night, with Lockheed Martin Stealth F-117 Nighthawks leading the assault”

Republican corruption and private mercenary companies:
“In March 2004, four American guards were attacked and killed in the Iraqi town of Fallujah. Their charred bodies were beaten and dragged through the streets in front of television cameras... While Iraq represents bloodshed and death on a massive scale to most people, to Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) it has brought a boom time, boosting the revenues ... for the industry worldwide reached $100 billion... At Abu Ghraib prison, employees of two PMSCs were implicated in the prisoner abuse scandal, including allegedly raping a male juvenile detainee ... torture during interrogations... Several DynCorp employees in Bosnia were accused of running a prostitution ring that used under-age girls, as well as purchasing illegal weapons ... The firm's site supervisor was accused of videotaping himself raping two young women”

The Record of Republican Corruption:
1) The Epidemic of Republican resignations. 2) "Christian" Republicans destroy the institution of marriage. 3) Guess which has been the most corrupt administration in US history.

The Massive Corruption of the Reagan Administration

Bush Family Scandals

Deny Climate Change, Make a Cool $10,000 — Republican supported Exxon & American Enterprise Institute bribes to dispute climate change

Don’t Talk about illegal Wars — Just do them — No talking allowed:
“After much anticipation, Senate Republicans blocked debate early Monday evening on a bill opposing President Bush’s plan to escalate U.S. troop levels in Iraq”

How Neocons Manipulate Science and Gamble with Our Future

How the Right Wing is Turning America Into a One-party State

Republican Propaganda in Bush's Warmongering

February 2, 2007


So the piano doctor reads this paragraph arguing for extermination:

"The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring is a demand of the clearest reason and if systematically executed represents the most humane act of mankind" Mein Kampf, tran. Mannheim (1927; rpt.1971), p.255

Then compares it to this paragraph, arguing for the healing of a denial-of-death culture in America:
"The mission of the Project is to promote a better understanding of the experiences of dying and bereavement and by doing so help transform the culture surrounding death ... they abandon the dying when, in their own words, there is nothing more to be done" Project on Death (from The Columbia Speech of George Soros.)

And sees both paragraphs as making the same charge:
DAVID YEAGLEY — “Sounds like Soros is a softened pitch for the same view of Hitler. This is astounding, if true” (DY, Feb.1, 2007)

First off, it does not escape me that this latest neocon ‘talking point’ is designed to shift focus away from Bush failures and escalation in Iraq, Cheney’s court woes over CIA leaks, Gonzales illegal spying programs, and the neocon saber rattling toward Iran — after all, how DID American oil get under Iraqi soil?

But Yeagley made the mistake of attempting to pen his own version of a talking point. Did the so-called piano doctor flunk reading 101? Was he looking through those Stalin-colored spectacles again? What percentile did he merit on his GRE scores in analytical thinking? Did he get to skip those pesky GRE exams being a music major? Yeagley’s above analysis seems — how shall we say — blockheaded, if not outright stupid. For a supposed college graduate, this is astounding, if true.