January 7, 2007

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I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for exposing the poisonous hatred David Yeagley spews on his blog, editorials, and articles written for evil conservative racists such as Horowitz, who hates the idea of reparations for Blacks. David's view of Blacks, esp. Black women are the most racist I've ever seen in my entire life. Black and White men have said many hateful things about Black women, but David's views takes the cake here. You wouldn't mind if I quote them from his stupid blog:

More David "The Hater" Yeagley's Pearls of Hatred:

"Dozier fears that members of the 29,000-square-foot Islamic center on the northeast side would seek new converts in the predominately black community if they build on the northwest side of town where Dozier's people are.

Dozier claimed that Islam is a cult teaching hate and violence. "The Koran is evil, cruel. It promotes evil, he said."

On Black Women:

"Around white societies, some "black" people apparently have doubts about their sexual desirability. They still feel unaccepted, and unwanted, so in the name of "equality," they're determined to assert their bodies as sexually desirable. They want to force themselves in everyone's face, like it or not.

That's what Janet Jackson's recent episode at the Super Bowl was all about. She broadcast her private body part in the most dramatic way, in the world's face. Moreover, it was a white man, Justin Timberlake, that played the part of desiring her "black" body. Therefore, the message was loud and clear. "See?! Everyone wants my body! Especially the white man! I just proved it!"

These certain "black" people apparently want to dominate society through their sexuality, and with the right contacts, like the media, and the law, they may succeed. White society is literally being forced to accept the "black" body as equally sexually desirable. Any natural, psychologically negative associations with darkness, any Freudian sexual aversion, and any sense of uncleanness, must be over come by studied, determined, political effort. America is being told what is sexually attractive. America's sexual emotions are being dictated, through the media and the legal system, no less."

"So, it shall ever be so. People of color, especially dark color, are fascinated with the blue-eyed blonde, just like Charolotte F. Grimke. There is no crime in this, nor should there be harm, really. One must accept the world as it is, and accept one's place in it, at least relative to one's environment. There should be no anger or resentment for the evolutions of nature. Nor should one rebel against one's place."

"In news media, however, it's an 'in-your-face' prospect. The ancor is what you have to look at, if you want the news.

Now, this matter pushes the envelope, really, about the whole idea of whether the Negro race is something other races enjoy looking at, or prefer looking at. This is a sensitive issue, naturally. In fact, it's so sensitive that the laws of America tend to require a non-Negro person to dutifully respect and value the Negro, regardless of any personal preference. The law thus makes a world of hypocrites, in a way, in the name of equality."

"Inispite of all the hoopla over liberal "diversity and equality," principally displayed by featuring Negro women, or any ethnicity but American Indian, I was prepared to believe that there was a marked negligence regarding Miss Lacy."

" hope the best for this kid. Maybe he needs a little discipline, but, the grand liberal assault is designed to destroy his life in honor of, to all appearance, a black female liar, whose record is a lot worse than his."

"Maybe a bunch of drinking, athletic white boys would find two unattractive black women sexually exciting. They'd probably find anything "female" attractive. But did they ask for two black women? Does that make any sense at all, considering the circumstances of Durham (if we can believe the played up race problems in the press)? And what kind of "escort" service is Allure? Do they have only black women available for white male parties at Duke? Was this some kind of "liberal" race gesture on their part? Was Allure determined to execute EOE principles? But how much experience had either of these girls in this kind of racially-charged circumstance? These are simple questions, but they aren't being asked, and they implicate Allure Escort Service quite seriously."

"In the black woman "sex" provoker's case, she was not known (beyond a small circle), and the suspects were widely famous--the Duke Lacrosse team. Abdul's case was practically an accident, but it is news, because of who she is. The other black woman's case was practially typical, yet, because of who the suspects are, it is big news. And the whole teams was severely disciplined"

This is all I have on him so far. I'll find more racist/sexist views later on this week.

Stephanie B.