January 18, 2007

David Hates Himself and Everyone Else Too

David Hates Himself
(& Everyone Else Too)

After performing at the National Museum of the American Indian on piano, David Yeagley is back to his old tricks, biting the hand that has graciously fed him. He performed at the concerts of American Indian performers only because he rode that wave of Indian "special interest." But, as soon as he gets back to his own blog space, he once again shows what idiocy he places over his own hearth, or should I say “his own heart.” Can you spell “professional hypocrisy?”

David is supposedly a Comanche, at least a self-proclaimed Comanche "darkie," to highlight his very own racist phraseology. Yet he blasts the NMAI who has helped him receive a significant portion of his own meager accomplishment in music.

This rant below, not only reeks of self-loathing on Yeagley's part (at least that so-called "darkie" part of Yeagley), but also smacks of that "sky is falling" fear mongering rhetoric. Do you really get the logic he uses below? It is utterly devoid of sound reasoning, nothing more than apocalyptic lexiphanicism. To identify an imaginary "trend" as a great catastrophe, crying "danger!" ... "beware!" ... the "sky is falling" ... “time is running out!” ... BEWARE!

Okay, you’ve earned it David, so I must say outright, you are one deluded mental case. Your voice is off-puttingly obnoxious, and your reasoning is amazingly infantile for someone boasting a college degree. I may be one of your so-called 'heathens' myself Yeagley, but I can reason (and spell) far better than you on your best day.

"The National Museum of the American Indian, in Washington, DC, has featured Pacific Islanders, Hawaiians in particular. This is the trend. All brown skins of the Western Hemisphere are to be understood as 'Native American,' or 'American Indian.' Soon, all non-white people in the world will be called indigenous, and thus native, and finally, 'American Indian' It's only a matter of time... So, what do white Conservatives really think about the darkies? Rudyard Kipling said it was 'the white man's burden' to help the heathen. It was the duty of the white man to uplift the fallen, to educate the ignorant" (David Yeagley, piano player)

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Amerind said...

I don't believe Yeagley ever embraces his "Indianness", except when it is personally expedient to do so. This is hypocrisy in its highest form. This is what La Rochefoucauld called "a tribute that vice pays to virtue".

He rants, raves, and froths about liars and frauds, which gives us some measure of insight into his self-loathing. Has he, who so generously likes to use Freudian interpretations, ever actually comprehended the meaning of Freud's theoretical defense mechanisms, such as "identification", "displacement", "repression", "reaction formation", and "projection"? This guy is about as honest as a three-dollar bill. Sadly, he seems incapable of facing his own delusions.