December 23, 2006

A Yeagley “White” Christmas
(with Yeagley “scare” quotes)

'Twas a “white power” Christmas, “post nine-eleven,”
And Bush was “conferring” with “mandates” from “heaven.”
“Cahonjes” were hung on the “white house,” both pair,
Until everyone noticed a “queer” puff of air.

His “children” were “wrestling,” all blogging in forums,
“White” Indians and yes-men, all fighting in quorums.
Yeagley donned a disguise, in a bright “thinking” cap,
But it “slipped” off his “noggin” without a chin strap.

“Self-praising” on Wikipedia, Yeagley “fumed” such a “chatter,”
He was “banned” from the website, they were “sick” of his “patter.”
Away to his own “forum,” he construed in a flash,
“Tore” into his minions, “threw up” and “rehashed.”

The “moon” in moonwalk is “vulgar,” NOT “apropos!”
Like cosmetically changed Michael Jackson, you know.
“White” models, young “darkies,” all “girls” he holds “dear,”
Voyeurist “visions” of “weak” babes “domineer.”

His “judgments” and “views” are decidedly “thick,”
While his detractor’s wits are “lively” (too quick?),
Those rapid “bad eagles,” his “rivals,” they came,
So he “bristled” and “ranted,” and called them some “names!”

Now “Commie!” Now, “Commie!” Now, “Commie!” and “Commie!”
On, “Commie!” On, “Commie!” On “Commie!” and “Commie!”
There’s a “plot” against “whites” here, you cannot deny!
But he’s more-or-less “pegged” as a “shrill” Captain Bligh.

He bawled “I’m the doctor of all things!” in a wild rally cry,
Till he met with an “obstacle” (a smart handsome guy?).
Now exceedingly wishing to jump to his feet,
He watered his loin cloth and stayed in his seat.

And then, while he’s “tinkling” (which all heard “as proof”),
Yeagley “railed” at them cross-legged, and raised a “foul” roof:
“Stop slandering me with the facts, I am nationally renowned!”
He’s “warning” us “this time,” he won’t “clown” around.

He was “dressed” all in buckskin, with a “headband” on top,
In an “outfit” he “found” at a “novelty” shop.
With Bad Eagle “ties” based on “stories” he made,
Yeagley looked like a “meddler” who’s “mighty” cliche’d.

His eyes did they “lower,” “lambaste,” and “degrade,”
His cheeks were raised high under scalpel and blade.
He once had some kindness a long time ago,
Now his “race-bait” and fight are “pure white,” don’t yah know.

The “stump” of his “speech” was compassionless drivel.
‘Round his head it “assailed,” one might call it “uncivil.”
With “black” hair and “choker,” he’s not a gray hen,
Shhhh! (his “Indian” secret’s called ‘Clairol for men’).

His “writing” is careless, low-minded and stuck on itself;
But don’t take “my” word, you can “read” it yourself.
In the “blink” of an eye and a “twist” of the “truth,”
Yeagley “fingers” his “mark,” and types “something” uncouth.

He’ll focus on “words” till we think he’s “berserk,”
“Forgetting” what’s good in the world, like a “jerk.”
And pointing “his finger,” with faux “Indian” clothes,
He pontificates “trash,” till his “friends” become “foes!”

He “defends” his own “lowness,” by making up “games,”
“Words” rate more “focus” than the world he “inflames.”
His games are so plentiful, and his words so contrite:
“I’ll fault every Indian, till the world is all white!”