December 9, 2006

The Yeagley Chicken Hawk Clucks Again
by Brent Michael Davids, 12/9/06

“Thanks to Damon Wayan, you can say nigger again, but it will cost you $20 a pop. Yep, the LA late night comedy club, Laught [sic] Factory, just put a price on it. They fined Damon Wayan $320. for using it 16 times” (David Yeagley, pianist)

This latest Yeagley entry proves the point, the “piano doctor” as he has been called, is citing a comedian’s use of the N word with cultural applicability. That’s in itself racist coming from a self-proclaimed part white-part Comanche white power movement apologist. I’d like to see Yeagley himself get up in front of that comedy club audience and try using the N word 16 times. Let’s see if it makes any difference WHO is using the word or not, shall we? I would put good money on the pianist-turned-supremacist not making it out of that club in one piece.

As I’ve said before, what is it with this self-indulgent and self-important pontificator? Yeagley is obviously a “me-generation” poster child, smacking of insincere praise for a false dichotomy championed by those who seem to think that a little sensitivity towards others is somehow destroying the language. That’s the equivalent of saying the early "genocide" against American Indians never existed, because the word itself wasn’t in use at that time, therefore there was no Indian genocide. How infantile is that?

This “language” argument (above) is itself a good illustration of racist reasoning, wishing away the reality of peace for the sake of hermeneutical manipulation. Just as the pianist (who has never seen true war) is the embodiment of a true chicken hawk, I suspect he has never truly encountered the black reality either. Visit that club and try out your new word Yeagley, and put it to the test, yes? I dare you to try it. Do I hear faint clucking sounds?