November 27, 2006

Revealing Expose on “Sagely Yeagley”

After bringing more focused attention to the rather obvious inconsistencies inherent in devising a truly “new” harmonic theory worthy of inclusion in one’s biography, it appears the challenge to engage this theory publicly remains blinked away by the pianist turned sage.

This challenge is up to 428 reads now over at More people are finding out about the rather glaring fact strrrretching on your bio, resume padding really, to puff up small accomplishments into era-transforming breakthroughs.

The challenge is still here though, mister Yeagley. What is this self-created 'new' harmonic organization you speak about with such high regard? My time is of course limited, but it would not be such a difficult task to analyze your Awakenings CD, so perhaps I will simply put a bit of time into it, and unpack this great theory for all the world to see. I'll do you a favor and publish it on Wikipedia, in addition to everywhere else I can find. Let’s see, what would make a good title for it. How about something like this:

Davids, Brent Michael (2006). An expose on the so-called “new” harmonic organization of pianist David Anthony Yeagley. World Press, Easy Street, All over the Galaxy. 12 pp.

Arranged in the form of an expose, an analysis of Yeagley’s compact disc Awakenings provides a comprehensive understanding of the falsity of Yeagley’s exaggerated claims of creating a new theory of harmonic organization, versus the quite negligible impact of his syncretistic theory on his contemporaries, followed by an authoritative list of the theories from which Yeagley has extensively borrowed.
I invite others to suggest alternative titles.

— Brent Michael Davids