December 28, 2006

(Patriotamentia Sufferer)

by Brent Michael Davids, 12/28/06

Are you having trouble resting, you know, just being calm? At repose? Feeling that need to fight? Do you see compassion as a weakness that must be overcome with hardcore “manliness”? Are you suffering from a severe case of Patriotamentia? Like the severe patriotamentia sufferer David Yeagley, do you constantly see your surroundings as a battlefield? As a struggle of “us” versus “them?” As a fight with extremely concrete black & white consequences? Do you, like Yeagley, compulsively construe the world using war terminology in a process of “100% thinking” where you're 100% certain of your position and there is no gray area whatsoever? Are you a supporter of US “preemptive war” around the globe? Do you support the US “policing of the world” and the imperialistic “policies” of the war profiteers? Perhaps you need Warriorholics Anonymous.

If you are like David Yeagley, or simply adore him as a supporter or as a so-called “neutral” bystander, perhaps W.A. can help. Warriorholics Anonymous recognizes the imperialist warmongering desires of US wars around the globe, and the trumped up “patriotic” fervor that is falsely generated to support it. David Yeagley was chosen to be a token “American Indian” pundit by the corporate sponsors of imperialist war efforts, for his lack of sound reasoning skills and for his genuine lack of compassion. He was plucked out as a special Indian, ripe for tokenism and patriotamentia. If you are Yeagley himself or his supporter, you are badly in need of help.

Of course, Warriorholics Anonymous recognizes that for some socially-challenged folks war means “handsome profits” and “overseas investment opportunities,” usually under the catch-all banner of “American Interests.” These same folks even misappropriate funds from domestic opportunities as well, such as the so-called economic “Go Zone” setup in New Orleans to help dump former tenants onto the street in favor of new and more expensive housing developments.

But these folks, like David Yeagley, do not understand that humanity comes before money, and that war mongering and disaster profiteering are not humane. Warriorholics Anonymous understands that the price of war is paid by people who have nothing to do with the false reasons that initiate these wars and profiteering rackets. Yet, easily-swayed pundits like David Yeagley continually rally behind the warmongers and war profiteers, using his so-called “warrior” image as a rallying point. But W.A. recognizes Yeagley's presence as false hype and no substance.

If you are suffering from patriotamentia, like David Yeagley is, here are some organizations that may be able to help. Tired of being a pawn for imperialist wars? Tired of getting “preemptive” sand kicked in your face? Why not check out this list below, and contact them today. David Yeagley may be too far gone to bother with (you would never find these links at his site), but don’t you get caught with your red-white-and-bloomers down! Why not give up your patriotamentia and your destructive addiction to war, and give peace a chance. You too, David.

American Friends Service Committee
A Quaker organization dedicated to humanitarian service and issues related to economic and social justice, peace-building, and demilitarization.

G.I. Rights Hotline
The hotline provides military members about discharges, complaint procedures, and civil rights. It helps victims of harassment, and discrimination, and anyone who wants to get out of the military.

Central Committee of Conscientious Objectors
The Committee promotes individual and collective resistance to war and preparations for war, including conscientious objection assistance for military discharge, enlistment obligations, and registration.

Global Peace Campaign
81-470-97-1011 (Japan),,
Founded after the 9/11 implosions, the campaign supports antiwar education in the USA and Japan, and supports antiwar billboards and ad campaigns in major newspapers.

Fellowship of Reconciliation
The Fellowship seeks to replace violence, war, racism, and economic injustice with nonviolence, peace, and justice. They educate, train, build coalitions, and engage in nonviolent compassionate actions.

Global Exchange
A not-for-profit international human rights organization, with diverse programs including reality tours to dozens of countries, fair trade stores, corporate accountability campaigns, antiwar work, and green economy promotion.

Peace Action
This organization works to abolish nuclear weapons, develop a peace-oriented economy, and end the international weapons trade. The PA promotes nonmilitary solutions to international conflicts.

International Action Center
Founded by Ramsey Clark, the Center provides information and organizes resistance to US militarism, war, corporate greed, linking these issues with struggles against domestic racism and oppression.

Military Families Speak Out
This organizations is made up of families opposing the Iraq war, and subsequent occupation, who have relatives or loved ones in the military.

War Resisters League
This organization uses nonviolence to remove all the causes of war, producing educational resources (including “The Nonviolent Activist” magazine). It works in coalition with other peace groups, and provides training in civil disobedience, and war tax resistance.

School of the Americas Watch
SOA Watch works in solidarity with the people of latin America to change oppressive US foreign policies, working in particular to close the School of the Americas where the Pentagon trains Latin American military officers in methods of torture and repression.

Teaching For Change
Through public education, TFC promotes economic and social justice, providing services, training and resources for K-12 teachers, parents, educators.

United for Peace & Justice
The UFPJ opposes the “preemptive” wars of aggression waged by the Bush administration, and rejects the drive to expand US control over other nations and strip US citizen rights here at home under the guise of “fighting terrorism” and “spreading democracy.”

Not In Our Name
A strong resistance organization since the Vietnam War, NION was created to inspire protest and show solidarity with the people harmed by US militarism.

Coalition Against Militarism In Our Schools
A grassroots organization of students, parents, and teachers who are dedicated to demilitarizing our schools, and presenting alternatives that value life, social justice and peace.

True Majority
Led by Ben Cohen (founder of Ben and Jerry’s), TM monitors Congress on social and environmental issues, seeking to ease the nuclear nightmare, renounce the militarization of space, and make globalization work for, not against, working people.

Veterans for Peace
An organization of men and women who served in the military and are now working to abolish war. VFP educates fellow citizens about the true costs of militarism, work to change our nation’s priorities, and conduct projects to heal the wounds of war.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
The League works through peaceful means to achieve world disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic justice, and to end all forms of violence.

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