December 13, 2006

Yeagley Calling the Kettle
By Brent Michael Davids, 12/13/06

Rudy "Youngblood,"... through his claim of being American Indian, many tribes in Oklahoma are actually benefiting financially. Rudy has motivated fund raisers and sponsors to support major Indian health causes in Oklahoma... The Lupus Foundation America ... The Oklahoma City Indian Clinic ... the Tulsa Indian Healthcare Resource..."Giving back to the community"? No. He’s taking everything from them with such false claims. It is identity theft, usurping the honor of those Indians who died for the blood of their people... The best thing he can do for Indians is not to raise money (David Yeagley, Pianist)
I have not seen this film, but anything Yeagley says has proven time and again to be for some racist agenda he advocates for his own personal gain. If the Oklahoma health leaders are giving the actor credit for his generous support of Indian health efforts, I will withhold my personal judgment about this actor. After all, Yeagley is himself an extremely poor representative of Comanche culture, denounced by every Comanche who knows of him. So, could an adopted Cree be a good "Indian" citizen in a Cree community? Could he be good for Oklahoma Indians? I will wait and see. As for Yeagley, I already know he is an apple, not by anything he says per-se but by what Yeagley does.

Poor David works 100% against Indians, focusing over-obsessively — and rather delusionally — on some fantastical notion racial purity, although he himself is mixed. Sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, I have no doubt that his writing of this race-based article is to further denigrate Indian people by stirring up hatred by race-baiting Crees against Mayans against Yaquis against Comanches. His words are infantile in reasoning, and self-serving in purpose. Anyone buying into this article on its surface, without looking beneath the surface, is falling for his hook and swallowing the race-bait, line and sinker. — Brent Michael Davids

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Stephanie B. said...

I know about the hater's wicked comments aboutn Rudy Youngblood and Barack Obama. He hates sucessful people of Color who are more sucessful than he. All he can do is be jealous and resentful of successful people of Color.

Also, his obsession with Black ancestry is another way he curries favor with white supremacists such as the people at VDARE, Freak Republic, etc.

Here's my trackback to my previous articles on Rudy Youngblood and Barack Obama:

The men are young, ambitious, talented,reasonable, good-natured, and good-looking, something Mr. Yeagley doesn't have or else he wouldn't have gone on a rampage on these talented individuals.

Stephanie B.