December 3, 2006

Racism should be used
“only when appropriate,”
says David Yeagley

By Brent Michael Davids, 12/3/06

“Maybe the word ‘n_gg_r’ should stay. It should be carefully defined, and refined, and it should remain--as a testimony to the intent of law, and not as the bread and butter of vainglorious, self-righteous attorneys. ‘N_gg_r’ should be used when and only when appropriate... If the meaning is not about visceral hate, not about rejecting human beings, not about exluding [sic] people from the land of the living, there can't be any law against it. You can't make laws against natural aversions, only hate.” (David A. Yeagley, Pianist)

So what you are saying is, that laws could be made against hatred, and subsequently therefore no laws exist against the use of that particular word? Really, David.

Again, your reasoning is shockingly infantile for a college graduate. It takes nearly no brain power whatsoever to understand from minorities themselves that expressions such as this are derogatory, and are almost always used with some connection to hatred, one way or another.

Even minorities using such language within their own communities (perhaps toward each other) are using it as an empowering response to the oppression suffered from those who use it for hate, not as victims but from positions of personal strength. It would be like me calling myself a “red skin” — knowing that it’s derogatory — as a sarcastic jibe against others using that language intended to degrade me. It’s a cultural “insider’s joke” when such language is used by the minorities ourselves, a joke against the oppressor.

Any child could understand this Yeagley. This above quote is nothing but a smoke screen for white supremacy, trying to sway a hermeneutical falsehood by shoehorning “law” into it. Talk about cramming a square peg in a round hole. As I’ve stated before, anyone defending this infantile use of derogatory language for fabricated legal reasons or for some preservation of language issue, is simply blowing smoke ... white smoke ... white supremacy smoke.

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