December 19, 2006

Lots of Soap and Hot Water for Hannukah
Originally Posted by The Editrix, 12/19/06

Whether there are new going-ons in the world of beauty pageants (with which he is eerily fascinated) or Bill Clinton sneezes and a puppy dies, the valiant Waffler utilises it for discharging yet another bit of his unappetising racism.

This time it's a Jewish commemoration of survival which serves as a bowel-opener.

I would like to suggest another Jewish holiday: Yom Komah. The day of walls. Protective walls, not just walls (kirah). Walls of protection. This would commemorate the restoration of the walls around Jerusalem, around 444 BCE. (The second temple, after the return from Babylonian captivity, was finished in 515 BCE.) The Jewish nation was not fully ‘independent’ until the walls were finished.

I say, to, it’s more that physical walls of protection. There were walls of ethnic division. There were walls for preserving the race, the Jews themselves. From what? Intermarriage. More than one occasion, leaders (first Ezra, chs. 9,10, then Nehemiah ch.13) dramatically rebuked the population for intermarriage with non-believing, non-Jewish people that had come into Palestine since 722 BCE. These are particularly agonizing episodes of public condemnation of the people. The priest Ezra had actually commanded mass divorce! (Ezra 10:9-17)

This is a remarkable demand. A stunning lesson in preserving the nation. Walls of ethnic separation. Walls of racial protection and preservation. Yom Komah. The day of Walls.
To provide a Hannukah present to all the Jews who still haven't twigged to whom they are pathetically sucking up (although, admittedly, I am always pleased to see a falsification of the old antisemitic cliché that Jews are particularly bright) I am herewith providing a small selection of Waffle's 'philosemitic' quotes.

Certain Jews are not the only one who see the sexual promiscuity and exploration as a marketable item. No? Why then mention them at all?

The Holocaust terror at least had a racial divide of some kind. [I.e. as opposed to the French Revolution.] Of course. Anybody who commits genocide on racial grounds can not be all bad.

I was about to comment on how and why certain Jewish persons, particularly American Jewish persons, would want to trascend [sic!] the offense of Nazi Germany, and laud ad infinitum the virtue of Germany, period. Is this greater forgiveness than I as an Indian show America? is this unprecedented aggression? It is as if KPS [a poster supporting White supremacist positions suspected to be a Jewish woman] has a religious intensity focused on transcending Nazi Germany, of looking beyond, above, and through it all, and validating something she feels has been totally misrepresented and maligned. It is unusual heroism, and self-trandscendence [sic!], if KPS is truly Jewish.

This insufferable bit of drivel translates to: A Jewess who supports White Supremacist positions and acts as an apologist for Nazis is not an abysmally dumb cunt who ought to be clobbered to death with a concrete-bound Torah, but a selfless heroine for the cause of the White race.

Yeah! Right! And it needs a self-hating 'breed' to tell us that.

Today, we are all left with the impression that Hitler's rage was all about Jews. But we know Nazis hated a lot more people than just the Jews. Therefore, there are some critics who say that the modern image of the Jewish Holocaust is dominant simply because Jewish people today have made it such. I leave this uncommented apart from: Whatever you say, the Nazis STILL think you are nothing but a mud person, Yeagley!

Then there is this observation: This is basically a Jewish situation [i.e. the Michael Richards 'nigger' gaffe]. Richards is Jewish, Allred is Jewish. This is Jew against Jew. Jews are quite willing to attack one another, over some completely non-Jewish issue. This is interesting. Jews cannot be accused of racist comradery [sic!] amongst themselves. I don't see that. I see one Jew quite willing to go after another Jew. He sees Jews EVERYWHERE. Period.

The Holocaust was simply a misconception. I don't think it was the original plan, anyway. I don't think love of one's race leads to something like the holocaust, either. I'm sure six million murdered European Jews would be interested in that neat little bit of philosophy.

Perhaps the impetus of anti-Semitism could better be understood as a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories are no more than natural suspicion expressed on the grandest social scale, with all the complexities pertaining thereunto. It is a captivating condition of the mind... It is too simplistic to write anti-Semitism off as a hate scheme. It is a giant conspiracy theory. Hate may be a differentiating factor, but this is only because the Jews are human. There is no "hate" involved in the UFO theories, for instance. Don't I just LOVE people who use words like 'thereunto' but aren't able to spell 'bum' correctly! However, what is this about? So antisemitism is a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories are no hate schemes, therefore antisemitism is not hate-inspired. We are SO relieved! Aren't you, Jews?

You'll be lucky if you tell me anything about Jews I don't already know, but, I seem never to tire of hearing about history. Yeah Yeagley" 5000 years and you know all about it. Can you spell ME-GA-LO-MA-NI-A?

Oh well, for good measure and because I am in such fine fettle today I'll add two neat little quotes about Waffle's not-so-secret hero Adolf Hitler:

Is it anti-Semitic to see something pristine in the German warrior image? No, you unspeakable fool, not per se. But you were talking about Hitler and WWI and not about Arminius and the Romans. But you can't help it, really, or can you? IT speaks inside you!

Yes, remember World War II. That was the last war in which the enemy had honor. That's right. The Nazis did not hide who they were. They were promoting who they were. Yes, they had spies, but those were special agents. Indeed! Tell that to the 14-year-old Russian partisan the Germans caught and fixed him to the track of a tank, with which they then slooooowly proceeded. But hey! That boy was a 'Commie', so he really didn't deserve better.

Gosh, what a putrid cesspool of confusion, stupidity, hatred and self-hatred the mind of this not-quite-White offspring of a "racially mixed" marriage is. I'd pity him, weren't he quite so vile.

And before somebody calls me a self-hating German again, let me say that in no other country but America, and certainly not in Germany, could such a vile, hate-filled, uninformed, uneducated and abysmally dumb person become a 'pundit' — ever.

And now excuse me, I have to go and take a very long and very hot shower.

Oh yes! And Happy Hannukah! (The_Editrix)

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