November 29, 2006

Yeagley Supporter John Martin
Issues Death Threats

Originally Posted by Dr. Al Carroll, 11-28-06

John Martin of San Diego AKA Tallsoldier77 has issued at least three death threats at and three more at seems to have kicked him off, or perhaps he left. He’s no longer listed in the membership.

But at Badeagle,com, Yeagley is apparently not only providing a forum for his repeated death threats and race baiting, he approves and is actively encouraging Martin.

Previous visitors to this archive might recall Martin as the one issuing a challenge to a debate between myself and Yeagley. I gladly accepted and offered to set it up at my college, but Martin backed down and tried to bluster his way out of it with a slew of profanity and race-baiting.

In several threads at he humiliated himself repeatedly. His claims of being an ex-member of the 82nd Airborne and veteran of the Gulf War were exposed as obvious lies. He lashed out with at least three death threats. Even the sole other supporter of Yeagley, Betty Ann Gross, refused to have anything to do with him.

Martin continued his tirades at, where he knows Yeagley is afraid to allow me. Yeagley and his alleged financier, Mark Winters, approved of and cheered on Martin’s tactics of hate preaching and threats of murder.;act=ST;f=53;t=6651;&#top

Martin issued the first of three death threats.

John Martin: “I'm going to let my pit-bull Bam-Bam tear you apart.”

Mark Winters: Let’s play “out the beaner.”

At that point another member of BE urged calm.

ALISDAIRE EACHTHIGHEARN: “I hate to be unkind, but you sound unbalanced and hysterical.”

Yeagley weighed in with his usual ethnicity baiting paranoia.

Yeagley: “Is your name Scottish, or perhaps Irish? We have a Black Watch here, so be careful.”

Then comes Martin’s second death threat and racist bluster:

John Martin: “We will drop a bomb on that little mexican creep, we will frag his ass, and then laugh…it is my mission to seek and destroy that little beaner... If anyone is offended by my post, well, TOO -F-ING BAD, for you see, it is my destiny to seek and destroy.”

Other members of became disturbed by the threats.

Phidoux: “It might be a good time to back up and re/position my friend.”

Martin wasn’t deterred. He went on to cheer on racist violence by two crooked cops.

John Martin: “The recent Border Patrol incident in which two honorable BP agents were sent to prison for brandishing some old west style justice on some illegal mexican drug smugglers as: "a step in the right direction, the INS is out of control against MY people".Stupid beaner!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Again, other members of urged Yeagley to intervene:

ALISDAIRE EACHTHIGHEARN: “Maybe you need to get your benchmark right about what ‘imbalanced and hysterical’ is, Dr Yeagley, sir?”

Yeagley would not listen. He defended Martin’s death threats, racism, and cheering of racist violence. Martin followed up with yet round of race baiting and another death threat, the third one.

John Martin: “I could let Bam-Bam, my ferocious Pit-Bull rip his greasy butt to shreds. Bam-Bam hates bean-heads… I put the word out to all my relations in Dakota Country, al carrol is a f-ing wetback, who is going to get his balls rammed down his mouth! Come to Dakota Country you sorry piece of taco-grease, your ass is going to get scalped.”

All of his threats are made more laughable by his ignorance. Tacos and beans as an insult for Mexicans? Has he never heard of Apache tacos and Navajo tacos? Does he not know about beans as the staple for Natives all

His threat of having people in Dakota Country out to get me is also laughable. To start with, he claims to be Oglala Lakota, not Dakota. Another poster at BE also pointed out Martin claims he hasn’t been back to the rez in many years. Moreso, even some members of BE doubt that Martin is actually Native.

I also wonder if he’s an imposter posing as Native, just like he posed as Airborne and a Gulf War vet. He used a British expression earlier.

Finally, after Yeagley refused to do anything for several days except cheer Martin and make excuses for his murderous bluster, other members of BE stepped in:

Mac Coinneach: “Any more comments from you like the one quoted and it'll be you that is gone.”

Ajibik: “John, you can back-pedal and play the victim all you want, but at the end of the day, and several death threats later, you have no worse enemy than yourself. When's the last time you were in Pine Ridge? You make it sound like you've lived there all your life. Maybe in White Clay for a day? The only thing that'll clear things up here is if you'll sign a Form DA-180 to release your military service records.”

Amerind3: “TS77, you are a filthy-mouthed schizo, and if Yeagley had any decency (or cojones), he would call you down. But he doesn't, so he doesn't. Actually, your mission is quite close to ‘accomplished,’ if your mission is to destroy this site.

Maybe Yeagley was describing you when he wrote, ‘Indian men... and also typical of black women, together, is just the kind of thing that says these races deserve to be on the bottom of the barrel. They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies.’(That is, if you are REALLY Indian, which I seriously doubt.)”

Mac Coinneach: “Lies? As in non-existent links like you posted about Carroll's website? Who do you think that helps?

You don't know what you're talking about. If you've never "seen any post here that supported or re-affirmed the white separatists movement", then you've not looked very hard. Try looking in the "The White Race" fora. Start at the beginning and work your way forward. You can also have a look in the Scottish forum the same individual(s) tried to promote the self- same nonsense.

Against the advice of the more senior members here, Dr. Yeagley opened those three fora, and allowed a white ‘nationalist’ to moderate them. I wondered when the views promoted by the StormFronters that were posted here would come back to haunt us all.

You've been warned because of the outrageous things you say - including threats of violence to other contributors. I gather you've made the same threats to Dr. Yeagley elsewhere. Taking everything into consideration, you're starting to show all the hallmark behaviour of a troll. I don't like trolls.”

His empty threats certainly won't stop me from speaking out. If anything, they make me even more determined to stop someone like Yeagley who would cheer on a lunatic like Martin.

Martin does not seem to even have the courage to debate me, much less carry out his threats. The photos of himself he has posted online show someone very bloated and out of shape, at least fifty pounds overweight, hardly a threat to me. Little wonder he preferred to have his dog do any dirty work.

I simply want others to know just the type of low characters Yeagley has for followers, Neo-Nazis, eugenicists, and other white supremacists, a tiny self-hating minorities, and unstable lunatics like John Martin.

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