November 20, 2006

A Call for Composer Review
by Brent Michael Davids

Anyone coming across your site, Mr. Yeagley, would perhaps gather that you’ve created a groundbreaking new theory of harmony, as stated in your own words:

“Yeagley is a classically trained pianist... He has created a new system of harmonic organization” (David Yeagley).
No one that I’ve ever known, met, or heard of, has ever seen this theory. So here’s the challenge, send it to me and I will review it publicly, and publish the review. I am interested in comparing your theory with others, and determining your theory’s importance to the field of music, especially American Indian composition.

Does your theory borrow from previous theories? Interval string theory? Cellular development? Microtonal arrangement? Chords or synthetic scales? Tonality? Modality? Atonality? Serialization or set theory? What about timbre, rhythm and meter in your new system?

I’ve performed with many of the nation’s top composers, Ben Johnston (microtonal composition), Tan Dun (synthetic scales and timbre), Mario Davidovsky (electronic music and music concrete), and many many others. I have studied many genres and systems, and teach many of them. I am confident about delivering a scholarly review of your work. Why not accept this call, and send me a treatise unpacking your new theory, and I will review it for the world to truly appreciate its worth.

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