October 22, 2006

Badeagle.com: A White Supremacist Hate Site
Originally Posted by Dr. Al Carroll,

On the outside one would never guess that Badeagle.com is a site filled with Hate Speech preaching White Supremacy and the hatred of Blacks, Arabs, Muslims, Mexicans, Catholics, gays, the handicapped, and yes, American Indians. The site is named for famed Comanche leader Bad Eagle and features his photo prominently.

That illusion vanishes quickly once one takes a close look at the Badeagle site and its creator, the white supremacist posing as Indian, David Yeagley. Like Yeagley himself, Badeagle.com puts on Indian trappings to sow confusion and fool the naive. Inside is a site filled with hate speech to equal anything by David Duke (who actually is more "moderate" in his racism than Yeagley), neo-Nazis, eugenicists, and other white racists and supremacists, all of whom (save Duke) have long been sheltered, coddled, and cheered on at Badeagle.com.

Yeagley's forum is dominated by sections entitled The White Race and White Nations.

Other sections focus on hatred for Mexicans and Arabs, with topics like "The Arab Ego-Slavery of the Mind." Stereotypes pervade even allegedly "pro-white" sections on Italians, Germans, Scots, and Jews. The Jewish section includes Jew-baiting topics like "Clues You Might Be Dealing with a Communist." In the past Yeagley had a section devoted solely to support for the genocide Serbia's war criminal regime carried out against Bosnian Muslims.

His unabashedly white supremacist focus has won him the praise of Neo-Nazis and warm welcomes to their hate sites, such as Stormfront, a Neo-Nazi skinhead organization.
“Dr. David Yeagley…has created a few new forums on his site. They all fall under the heading The White Race and include White Nations…Dr. Yeagley has been somewhat sympathetic to our ultimate goals.”
Take even a casual look inside Badeagle.com and you will find racists and bigots of every stripe preaching hatred, as well as non-racists futilely protesting the endemic racism of the forum:

(To Yeagley's moderator)
"You are banning all Indians and hardly any whites, blacks or other races."
(About a German anti-racist woman)
"Nora looks semitic to me... I was really convinced she was negro after reading her outbursts, at first...I do not indentify with Native Americans because in my experience with them I have realized they are incapable of making their own choices."
"There is nothing to respect about a bunch of monkey people that just want to destroy everyone in there path, dry up all the resources and then blame whitey for them being too ***** stupid to see their own demise."
White supremacists even use the site to brag about the lawbreaking they do in their "war" on minorities:
"The cops objected to my fundraising methods, which they called "armed robbery".I beat that rap by framing a negro, but I figured I'd better split town."
Even violent threats flourish here. One white racist threatened a woman (the same German anti racist) that he would have had her father shot.
"The National Socialists were too kind to him. I'd have taken him out and shot him. Call it eugenics. As we can see, bad blood begets bad blood.There's a stench about a traitor."

"The major problem here, Dr. Yeagley, is that the National Socialists were right, seventy years ago...What was truth then is truth now....Something spiritual must be reawakened within us, something that we abandoned long ago and tried to replace with Jewish swill."
"Look at all the countries which are run completely by Blacks. All of them are a mess. They need help....Negroes are dangerous. You cannot live ‘equally’ with them. They either have to be under your thumb, tamed, or you have to leave them alone.So, you have choices. Either leave them thoroughly alone. Fight them to the end."
Probably the saddest posts I saw were from a man claiming to be (or impersonating) a mixedblood preaching self hatred and white supremacy.
"My father is not half black, mostly likely an octoroon, possibly quadroon. The rest is indian (which is really negro anyway) and polish. I don't have pictures of any full blacks in my family but there is no doubt some of them are at least half. It disgusts me.It's not fair that I am partially a slave to my mother's brain patterns. I can't become her, I can't be happy. I can only carry out her mission encoded inside of my chromosomes. I'm a drone. I refuse to touch a woman. As soon as I come up with the money I am getting a vascectomy. The curse will stop with me.The bright side to my life is that I'm not a 100% complete nigger."
"I do consider those indians to be negroes, they are mostly negro, therefore they are negro. I'm negro, even though I'm probably only 16th-32nd. My head is considerably smaller height/size ratio than whites, which indefinately makes me less intelligent. (yes, it does. It really does.) It's strong vs weak, the more negro you have in you the weaker you are, so no matter how you compare yourself to your superiors, you will still always be negro. "
"For now, sterilization needs to be put into full, militant exercise. Round the clock neighborhood lineups to the clinic. All blacks deported to africa....The blacks are the reason why we are in iraq (arabs/persians have black ancestry). They are the reason World War I & II started (jews are the masters of assimilation but they descend from blacks). They are the reason of every single war that has ever happened within the past few hundred years. They need to be deported and isolated in africa. This is the only way we'll ever free ourselves of the world's problems. Sad but true."
"Pow wows are for niggers. Everything is a big joke to them. They laugh and poke at everything because they're too stupid to see the chain of events that determine the future. They're children. They think everything is random in a comical way, so they try to correlate their own mindless "culture" to others for 'kicks'. That's why you see so many of them at pow wows. It reminds them of whatever they think they know about africa which tells them they have a right to be there, because indians have dark skin and once lived in the woods too."

Yeagley also has a section dedicated solely to support of the white supremacist Minutemen. Anyone naive enough to think the Minutemen are simply opposed to "illegal" immigration, read here:
As for American Indians (or even non-racist whites) they are routinely abused, shouted down, degraded, marginalized, mocked, and kept segregated. Yes, on a forum named after a famous Native leader, run by a likely imposter claiming to be his descendant, Indians are kept pushed to the side, caged in, and only allowed out when it's time to be held up to ridicule or be used as Tontos.

Natives are kept segregated in one section on Yeagley's forum, American Indian Dialog, "a special form for conversations between Indians, and particularly Indians who disagree with me."
Since virtually no Natives agree with Yeagley, this becomes de facto segregation.

Yeagley does have a few sections, allegedly on Natives, that may fool the naive into thinking this forum is actually dedicated to American Indians. Mostly they are reposts of news items that Yeagley and his followers can then twist into anti-Indian arguments, often followed by extended preaching of hatred of Natives.

American Indians are a tiny and despised minority at Badeagle.com. Out of 1032 members, by my count fewer than one in six, 162, are or claim to be Native. Of those 162, 131 have never posted, not even once. Most of the actual Natives likely joined to see for themselves this curiousity, a man who looks very white (and by all Comanche accounts IS white) but claims to be Indian, all the while bashing Indians and everyone else except whites. Once they saw the forum was hostile and hateful to everyone and everything that is Indian (indeed to everyone that is not a white racist), they left quietly. What Indian in their right mind would stay there and put up with being abused constantly? Most of the Natives who have posted have only done so a few times, then left, likely in disgust since Yeagley is notoriously abusive himself, especially to Native women. Any Native who strongly challenges Yeagley or other white supremacists, or who beats them in debate, gets kicked out. Yeagley then grandly announces his opponents are "not worthy," itself a race-baiting claim that suggests he believes them to be racially inferior anyway.

Badeagle.com's membership is overwhelmingly white, with a mix of white racists, apologists for white racism, and a smaller number of actual white conservatives who look the other way at the persistent hate preaching. White members have screen names like jackboot, the militia girl, seventh cavalry descendant (the same outfit that massacred Natives at Wounded Knee), and many other labels that say they are racist and proud of it.

A Native woman described for me her experience there. Kept in segregation, Natives opposed to Yeagley's views outnumbered Indians (or those posing as Indians) by the few who agreed with him by more than eight to one. Most whites on the forum refused to even speak to Indians, except to sneer and mock them as ignorant. All of this Indian-bashing went on right under Yeagley's nose, with his apparent approval. After all, to Yeagley any Indian is a "Communist" if they defend Indian ways or Indian people.

In the four years Badeagle.com has been online, the number of genuine Indians that actually agree with Yeagley can literally be counted on one hand. Since there are 6-7 million American Indians in the US, it is no exagerration to say that only one in a million Indians agrees with Yeagley. His support is almost entirely white supremacists and other whites either supporting or willing to look the other way at his strident racism and support for outright genocide. Should this surprise anyone? No, because Yeagley's true purpose has never been to do anything on behalf of Native people. He is a white imposter posing as a Tonto or professional token. His aim is to disrupt Native causes and anything which might benefit Native people by providing someone that white supremacists and others on the far right can point to and say, "See, that redskin mascot of ours thinks just like us! You savages have only yourselves to blame!"

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